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The Recicla BR Group was founded in March 2013, it administrates a range of metal companies, and is the largest non-ferrous metals recycling group of Brazil
The Recicla BR Group supports sustainable growth by respecting sustainability's three pillars: environment, social, and economy
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Part of Recicla BR Group:
  • Aluzinco

    Aluzinco is the result of merging companies with a long track record in the zinc and aluminum market. The company zinc products that are applied by several industries, such as car and furniture manufacturing, in addition to aluminum and magnesium alloys.

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  • AutoParts

    One of the largest Brazilian companies in low and high pressure aluminum die casting, Auto Parts is a supplier of parts to the automotive manufacturers in Brazil.

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  • Garimpeiro Urbano

    Garimpeiro Urbano is the Aluminum Scrap Collection Center structure for Latasa Reciclagem.

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    Garimpeiro Urbano
  • Latasa Distribuidora

    The company sells semi-finished products of non-ferrous metals in aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and tin and has processes to cut materials to meet the specific needs of customers.

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    Latasa Distribuidora
  • Latasa Extrudados

    The company is a extruded aluminum profiles manufacturer. Its modern industrial plant is located in the city of Itaquaquecetuba, state of São Paulo, and currently has 2 extrusion presses configured to convert 5 and 7 inches billets and annual production of 10,500 tons.

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    Latasa Extrudados
  • Latasa Reciclagem

    Latasa Reciclagem was founded in 1991, pioneering the aluminum recycling industry and the collecting and smelting integrated system.

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    Latasa Reciclagem
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