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The ReciclaBR Group was founded in March 2013, it administrates a range of metal companies, and is the largest non-ferrous metals recycling group of Brazil
The ReciclaBR Group supports sustainable growth by respecting sustainability's three pillars: environment, social, and economy
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Part of ReciclaBR Group:
  • AutoParts

    One of the largest Brazilian companies in low and high pressure aluminum die casting, Auto Parts is a supplier of parts to the automotive manufacturers in Brazil.

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  • Garimpeiro Urbano

    Garimpeiro Urbano is the Aluminum Scrap Collection Center structure for Latasa Reciclagem.

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    Garimpeiro Urbano
  • Latasa Distribuidora

    The company sells semi-finished products of non-ferrous metals in aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and tin and has processes to cut materials to meet the specific needs of customers.

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    Latasa Distribuidora
  • Latasa Reciclagem

    Latasa Reciclagem was founded in 1991, pioneering the aluminum recycling industry and the collecting and smelting integrated system.

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    Latasa Reciclagem
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