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Latasa Distribuidora

The company sells semi-finished products of non-ferrous metals in aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and tin and has processes to cut materials to meet the specific needs of customers. It has its own trucks fleet for deliveries in and around city of São Paulo, which makes it possible to offer materials at the prompt or scheduled delivery.


Latasa Distribuidora
  • Aluminum: Extruded profiles, sheets, coils, rebars, flat bars, billets and angle brackets;
  • Bronze: Alloys: TM 23 - TM 620 - SAE 40 - SAE 64 - SAE 65 - SAE 68B - SAE 68D - SAE 430B - SAE 660;
  • Copper: Sheets, rebars, flat bars;
  • Tin: Ingots and rods;
  • Latão: Sheets (268, 464, 465 alloys), rebars, CLA 360 Alloy, flat bars (FM / CLA 36 alloy);
  • Zinc: Zinc Anodes, Zamak, Zinc Ingot SHG.