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ReciclaBR Group

The ReciclaBR Group was founded in March 2013, it administrates a range of metal companies, and is the largest non-ferrous metals recycling group of Brazil.

It has as pillars ethics, respect for life, sustainability, social and financial responsibility and the ongoing search for quality and innovation, committed to transform the future.

The ReciclaBR Group is comprised by well-known companies that made history in the Brazilian market: Latasa Reciclagem, for instance, is the largest aluminum recycling company in Brazil and pioneered the deployment of the integrated collection and smelting scrap aluminum cans since 1991.

Also part of the Group are Aluzinco, a manufacturer of zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloys, Garimpeiro Urbano, which collects non-ferrous scraps in the main Brazilian capitals, Latasa Extrudados, manufacturer of extruded aluminum profiles, Latasa Distribuidora, which sells semi-finished products of aluminum, copper, brass and bronze and Auto Parts, a manufacturer of moulded parts for the automotive industry.


To ensure quality of all products supplied to our clients, serving them with commitment, responsibility and in time.


To be recognized as the best aluminum and non-ferrous metals recycling and transformation company in Brazil.


  • Social and Financial Responsibility
  • Focus on Client
  • Strongly motivated and proactive people
  • Sustainability



As a market leader, the Group recycles more than 200,000 ton of aluminum every year.

The Group owns a network comprising 25 Collecting Centers Latasa/Garimpeiro Urbano, from which 2 are being implemented. Deployed in 14 Brazilian states, these Centers collect aluminum scrap all over the country and ensure the supply of raw materials for the Group's forging plants.

At the centers, suppliers deliver their materials directly to the industry, allowing for large financial gains and ease on material delivery.

From the first visual inspection, the raw material is submitted to specific equipment for the recycling process, which ensures baling free of large impurities and substances damaging the forging steps. The whole process is standardized, thus ensuring a nation-wide acknowledged excellence.

The Group owns 7 Recycling Plants located in the cities of Pindamonhangaba (2 units), Itaquaquecetuba (2 units), Tatuí, Francisco Morato and Araçariguama, in the countrysite of São Paulo and another in the city of Paranaíba - Mato Grosso do Sul.

Locate the Collecting Centers and Plants in the map:

Map Collection Centers and Plants in Brazil

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