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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a topic always considered in the Group's strategy making. By joining social projects, ReciclaBR Group hopes to engage society in actions that bring awareness and improve their quality of living.

See below some projects we are participating in and/or supporting:

Recicle e Ganhe
Recicle e Ganhe 2016 Campaign raises more than 8,500 aluminum cans

In its third year, the Recicle e Ganhe 2016 Campaign, created by the ReciclaBR Group in partnership with Santo Ivo School and YMCA (Lapa neighborhood, São Paulo city) collected aluminum cans for two months (September and October) encouraging children and adolescents from the College and YMCA associates to take the post-consumption cans for recycling.

As a way to encourage adherence to the campaign, the ReciclaBR Group donated an aluminum bicycle for a drawing lot. Every 10 aluminum cans, the participant was entitled to a coupon to compete for the bicycle. Both the College and the Association are located in the neighborhood of Lapa, in São Paulo, where they oganize a bike tour each year. The bicycle was drawn after the XX Bike Tour, on Sunday, October 23, and the one contemplated by the draw was the student Bruna Mendes Abib, from the Saint Ivo School.

More than 8,500 cans were collected (about 116 kg) and 850 coupons distributed during the campaign. With the amount collected with the recyclables were bought cookies that were donated to the campaign "Feed a Life: Donate food is the largest revenue of solidarity" of Casa de Saúde Santa Marcelina, oncological ward of Santa Marcelina Hospital, located in Itaquera, São Paulo city. The hospital gives coverage to public healthy services in the oncology services.

Recicle e Ganhe
Bruna Mendes Abib